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Responsive corporate website design

Today, with the widespread use of smart phones and tablets, most of the web browsing and internet surfing are done in this way, and responsive website design has become one of the essentials in corporate website design.

Bilingual or multilingual corporate website design

One of the most effective and convenient and at the same time the cheapest ways to be present in global markets is to design a multilingual and bilingual website. In this way, you can promote your business in your target countries and make it international.

Using site design standards

Page loading speed, location of site menus, how to divide and segment the site, etc. are determined in site design standards.

Company website design based on SEO principles

One of the important points that should be paid special attention to when designing a corporate website is designing a website based on SEO principles. If the design of a company's website is based on the principles of SEO and site optimization from the beginning, search engines will search and identify our site more easily, and further, SEO of the company's site and site optimization will be easier and faster, and the cost will be lower. It will be less.

What businesses and companies are most suitable for corporate website design?

It may seem that corporate website design is often more suitable for large companies and organizations. But the reality is the opposite, and there are even companies that you may not have heard of in the real world, but in the internet world, thanks to having a good website, they have launched a professional business and are very successful. As mentioned above: website design is your company's ID card and identity in the internet space, and the amount of progress in this broad platform is unlimited and endless.

Site Features :

* Very user-friendly management panel along with site management training

* Creating a security role on the site

* Create different users with different roles on the site

* Management of all parts of the website

* Ability to upload photos and videos

* Management of advertising places

* Ability to use SSL for the website

* The possibility of posting articles and news on the site

* The possibility of making the site multilingual

* Mobile format design (responsive design)

* The possibility of using different keywords for articles

* Ability to classify content in different categories

* Secure against MYSQL Injection attacks

* Safe against Cross Site Scripting attacks

we will do :

Web Design

SEO of the site

Contribute to digital development

Operation and support with modern characteristics

Advantages of Corporate Website Design by OptimalData :

The design of the corporate website by the experienced and expert team of OptimalData has an attractive and stylish appearance and graphics; To keep the company’s target customers satisfied and to have a positive effect on your customers psychologically and visually. Having a unique and exclusive and at the same time beautiful and detailed graphic can have a great impact on building customers’ trust in that company. Improving the ranking of the site in Google for specific keywords that represent your company’s activity is considered one of the other advantages of the OptimalData corporate site. By improving the position and rank of your site, you can introduce your goods and services to customers who are looking for a suitable manufacturer or supplier.