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Web Design

Stylish and modern professional website design, with the latest technology and advanced facilities, optimized for search engines and applying the latest professional SEO standards by us and with experience in the field of professional website design.

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SEO and Site Optimization

SEO services are a set of activities that we perform in website design, content strategy determination and content creation in order to get a better position in Google search results and attract more visitors to your site.

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Host & Domain

Buying a quality hosting is the concern of many people who want to start a website. A high-quality and reliable hosting is one of the most important things needed to set up a website. The most important factors for buying reliable and high-quality hosting are its speed, stability, security and support.

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Operation and support with modern characteristics

Task number 1 is to keep IT infrastructure stable and secure and to help end users quickly and efficiently (quality operations and support)

Some features of a modern IT infrastructure should be expected:

Availability – you should be able to work from wherever you want, whenever you want and from what you want (Mobility – BYOD) – the system should be available all the time
High degree of flexibility – you should be able to run the applications you want without having the IT function give you limitations. If you want to test new possibilities, you should be able to “turn on” new applications as you are also used to on your mobile phone
You should expect good and fast performance – we live in 2022 and the experience on IT should be good and experienced modern
You should have reason to feel that security is taken care of – Antivirus, antispam, patching, VPN, firewall and authentication, etc. – everything must be in place so that the whole is taken care of
Capacity and utilisation must be measured continuously so that the solution is dimensioned correctly (capacity planning)

All this you should expect as the basic capabilities of your IT infrastructure. We use the same standardized tools across our customer base and have good documented routines for how to handle technical operations and support. Our support department accepts cases by phone, email and via a separate app. The response time on the phone is on average less than 15 seconds.

You should expect fast, efficient and pleasant support when you are a customer of Optimal Data.

we will do :

Web Design

SEO of the site

Contribute to digital development

Operation and support with modern characteristics

Contribute to digital development in the company

Task number 2 is to ensure that IT provides good support for its core business and participate in digital development in the company

In addition to operations and support, it is important that your IT solution enables you to move forward and can use IT as an additional support function for your core business. Everyone talks about digitization, but we can help you lift words and diffuse thoughts into practical solutions.

Examples of things we can talk about:

Automation of defined routines (scripting)
Search unstructured data (image, video)
Data collection, visualization of data, analysis of data – act on data
AI/ML – you have the data, but can you put it in context?
Virtual meetings should facilitate smooth and creative collaboration (Hangouts Meet HW and Google Jamboard)
Utilize API, cloud storage, distributed blockchain or resources from other platforms and realize the desired functionality more easily
Digital signs – visual awareness of customers or employees
What is your idea of digital support for your core business?

There are a wide range of areas we can talk to you about. Digitalisation starts with the right choice of IT infrastructure and with us as a partner we can point out direction and start work on further developing the work processes. Simply make sure IT gives more and costs less.