About US

About US

Our goal is to help all types of businesses of any size, as well as private individuals find the right IT solutions.

We are a total provider of IT services. We take on assignments all over the world, but mainly in Norway in Eastern Norway.
Optimal Data has customers throughout the Norway as well as some customers in Scandinavia such as Sweden and Denmark.

Some key words about what we sell and operate:
PC, Laptop, Server, Network, Security, Backup, Cloud Services, VPN, Antivirus, Software, Scan/Copy/Print, Cash Systems, Firewall, Wi-Fi (Wireless Network), Office 365, and much more!

We are the pioneers of the digital future!

Our strategy :

Since the beginning of optimaldata’s activity, providing specialized and continuous services in the Internet environment and providing the demands of organizations and companies has been one of the company’s priorities. Therefore, in addition to web design projects, development and marketing services were added, which increases the efficiency of our users’ websites. Among other strategies that were formed with the focus of expressing affection, humanitarian steps are taken in relation to entrepreneurship, environment, reading books and helping the needy. Among other plans ahead of the company, which works to promote and expand science at the community level and establish communication between users. The structural strategy of optimaldata company is to be among the top companies in the field of information technology, which requires round-the-clock efforts of this group.

Our Services :

• Designing specialized websites with the most up-to-date knowledge in the digital field

• Providing advice and new solutions in the field of online businesses according to business performance indicators

• Using the most specialized methods in the field of website optimization and increasing traffic in search engines (SEO).

• Registration of various national and international domains with foreign extensions

• Production and programming of IOS – ANDROID mobile application

• Building and programming all kinds of platforms based on content management systems in CMS

Our Goals :

• Creating a smile of satisfaction and conveying a positive feeling from our services

• Professional support and complete service

• Customer approval of all project stages

• Providing training classes for customers and company personnel upon request

• Providing plans suitable for your budget with the highest efficiency in performance

• And finally, business development of our customers is one of the main goals of optimaldata company